Watch: Passenger Steals All the Money From Her Uber Driver's Tip Jar As She Exits the Car [Video]

We don’t come across too many Uber drivers with tip jars in the back seat, but this story might explain way.

A woman was captured on video stealing the contents of her Uber driver’s tip jar before hopping out of the car.

via NYDN:

While it’s unclear whether the greenback-grabbing goon is knowingly making eye contact with the security camera directly in front of her face, or if she’s checking out the rear view mirror to make sure the Uber operator isn’t looking, she manages to get away with the gutless act in the moment.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, the man claims he was too busy to go to police to report the incident when it occurred in August.

He also said that Uber didn’t do anything when he presented the transportation monolith with news of the theft, the company reportedly telling him he may want to go to the authorities.

“We’ve attempted to contact the rider by phone and email, but haven’t been able to resolve this issue,” the driver claims they told him.

“The rider responded to us and advised us that she didn’t steal your cash from the tip jar.”

However, an Uber spokesperson told the Daily News Tuesday that the woman has been banned.

“What’s been shown has no place on our app and the rider’s access to the app has been removed,” said the spokesperson.

Asked when exactly the company revoked the woman’s ability to use the ride-calling app, the spokesperson failed to respond.

Watch the moment unfold below.

Stealing from the Uber’s tip jar? That’s just low!

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