Watch: NeNe Leakes Shares Her Thoughts on Porsha Williams' 'Glamorous' Mug Shot + Says Other Housewives Wouldn't Be Relevant Without Her [Video]

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Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s NeNe Leakes arrived back at LAX over the weekend and was asked her thoughts on a few things.

First, she was asked to give her opinion on Porsha William’s mugshot. NeNe of course said it was ‘beat’, among other things. She also says she’s Team Porsha and that Kenya deserved whatever came to her.

She was also asked if Kenya and Porsha ever really got to fighting — who did she think would win? NeNe said she doesn’t condone violence and would hope that the two never really did go at it.

Lastly, the photographer wanted to know if she thinks it’s true that the other Atlanta housewives wouldn’t be as relevant if it weren’t for her.

She responded:

“Absolutely, you never hear them doing anything unless they’re arguing with me. Everybody has to argue with me. It’s funny. And it’s amazing how they make it seem like it’s my fault. You definitely can’t have friends in this business”

Hm. Check out the clip below!

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