Watch: Mexican Soap Opra Star Eduardo Yanez Slaps a Univision Reporter for Asking a Personal Question [Video]

Mexican soap star took Eduardo Yanez offense to a question asked by a Univision reporter on a red carpet in Hollywood Tuesday and decided to slap the journalist across the face.

The journalist reportedly asked a personal question about Eduardo’s son.

via NYDN:

Fellow entertainment reporter Lupita Herrera was at the event and had just spoken with Yanez moments before the actor slapped the Univision reporter. She told CBS2 that Yanez has a reputation for getting combative with journalists.

Fuentes and Yanez were reportedly chatting peacefully just moments before the slap.

The question that set him off: Why Yanez’s son had reportedly set up a GoFundMe page to pay for a car he had crashed, when he could’ve gone to his father for assistance.

 In Spanish, Yanez answered, “If you’re so worried about my son, you send him the money or go talk to him.”

According to CBS2, the journalist responded by saying that the people were curious and that he was just the messenger.

Yanez balked at this, saying that it was Fuentes digging for a headline where there wasn’t one. He said Fuentes was disrespectful.

Just as Fuentes defended himself, Yanez slapped him across the face.

Herrera told CBS2 that she had just asked the same question — which appeared to rile Yanez as well.

She told the news outlet that Fuentes was just doing his job and that she thinks Yanez needs “anger management.”

Watch the moment unfold below.

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