Watch: K. Michelle Stars in 'Rebellious Soul: The Musical' [Video]

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K. Michelle transformed her debut album Rebellious Soul into a musical adventure, directed by Idris Elba.

The 20-minute clip captures the lust, love, heartache and redemption of a fierce woman struggling to break the cycle of bad romance.

“I wanted to turn my album into a story. Each of my songs tell a story about something I’ve had to go through and something I’ve done. So I said, why not take this and turn this album into a piece and turn these songs into a conversation and make you better understand a lot of my thought process behind the records.”

What many didn’t know is that K. worked as an exotic dancer for in her 20s to help make ends meet.

“It’s just the story of a woman,” she explained about the musical. “You know I used to be a dancer, and it’s nothing that I’m ashamed of, it’s part of me. I would go in and I would dance and I paid for every one of my studio sessions, and I paid for everything within my career. Then one day I made a lot of money and I said I’m never coming back, and for some reason I got a record deal the next week.”

All of that and more is told through K.’s musical journey. Watch below.

[via Rap-Up, ThisIsRNB]


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