Jamal Bryant Responds to Monique Samuels' 'Receipts' with a 'Cash Register' of His Own, Reveals More Text Messages & Denies Having an Affair

Jamal Bryant has taken to the internet to defend himself after Monique Samuels embarrassed both him and wife Gizelle Bryant on ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ reunion.

Armed with a binder of his own, Pastor Holy Whore Jamal responded to Monique’s allegations saying he does not have, nor has he ever had a mistress.

“If we’re gonna show text messages, let’s show all the text messages. Let’s show the text messages of the young lady asking to fly to Atlanta for my installation. Show the text message where I said ‘No, that’s not a good idea,'” Jamal countered.

He then went on to rattle off all the times he denied the woman’s advances.

Jamal also revealed the woman sent the messages Monique rattled off during the reunion to ALL of the ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ cast members except for Gizelle, before addressing Monique directly.

“You labeled me a ‘Holy Whore.’ I’m not sleeping with anyone in my church. I have no babies in my church. I have no inappropriate relationship with anyone in my church,” Jamal said.

In what might be the most interesting tidbit, Jamal repeated the rumor that Monique’s youngest son is not Chris Samuels, but that of an affair between Monique and her trainer before claiming that Monique’s best friend, Gigi, is responsible for spreading it.

Jamal not-so-subtly implied that Monique’s anger is misdirected at Gizelle because Chris Samuels has ‘rage’ issues.

“You live in a house with a man who has anger management… that doesn’t mind expressing volatile behavior.”

Watch Jamal’s full address below.

It’s a shame Jamal didn’t show up to the reunion — he should’ve been there to say all of this back then!

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Monique Samuels did NOT come to play with the girls on ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ season 5 reunion — especially Gizelle Bryant.

via People:

On Sunday, the RHOP three-part reunion special kicked off with Monique, Gizelle, Karen HugerAshley DarbyRobyn Dixon, Candiace Dillard Bassett and Dr. Wendy Osefo wasting no time, immediately jumping into the season’s most explosive moments.

And while the elephant in the room was the obvious tension between Monique and Candiace, as the two saw each other in person for the first time since their fight, Gizelle’s personal life was what took center stage during the reunion’s first part — thanks to Monique and her “thirst book” of receipts. 

The drama between Monique and Gizelle ensued after reunion host Andy Cohen asked Gizelle what the status of her relationship was with her ex-husband-turned-boyfriend, Jamal Bryant. Gizelle shared that while the two are still together things amid the COVID-19 pandemic have been “tough” as he remains in Georgia.

Karen then refuted Gizelle’s words that the couple was still together, saying, “That’s not the word on the street.” The LaDame creator then added she had heard that the two were “pretending” to be together, calling their relationship a business “arrangement.” Taking it a step further, Karen also asked if it was true that Jamal had allegedly had a baby with another woman while with Gizelle.

Denying Karen’s claims, Gizelle said, “Jamal and I have been through a lot. There’s a lot that people say.”

“But when ya’ll were announcing that ya’ll got back together, he told his girlfriend at the time that it was just reality TV and it wasn’t true,” Monique interjected, shocking the room.

When Cohen asked Monique how she was sure of her comment, she claimed that Jamal’s alleged girlfriend reached out to her and sent her screenshots and “pictures of her in his bed and everything else.”

“He’s definitely been talking to another woman and if you’d like to see them I got them in my little receipt book,” Monique said as she reached for her color-coded binder.

“I don’t have any reaction to that,” Gizelle said while Monique flipped through the book and proceeded to read the pages of text message screenshots.

“How do you know that those messages are real?” Cohen asked.

“Want me to call out his phone number? I’m sure she knows what his number is,” Monique said before reading out the cell number to the entire group. After a beat, Gizelle confirmed that the number was in fact Jamal’s but wasn’t buying any of Monique’s claims.

“I don’t believe anything that comes out of Monique’s mouth. Or anything that she has in her binder,” Gizelle said. “I know she was coming to make up whatever.”

As Candiace called Monique’s actions “disgusting,” Monique continued to read out alleged text messages between Jamal and the woman, contending that Gizelle’s relationship was “fake” and “fraudulent.”

“If you’re going to come for my family and my relationship, I’m coming right back to you,” Monique said adding, “Your pastor boyfriend is swinging his big D around his congregation, even in Atlanta as we speak and you know it. You’re a fraud.”

When Cohen asked Gizelle if she had a reaction, Monique instead responded and said, “Of course she doesn’t have a reaction cause she knows it’s true.”

Watch the jaw-dropping moment below. Dare we say it might be one of the most legendary moments in ‘Housewives’ history.


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The Real Housewives of Potomac season five reunion Part 2 is Sunday, December 20, at 9:00PM ET/PT and Part 3 is Sunday, December 27, at 9:00PM ET/PT.

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