Watch: Hillary Clinton Says She Wants to be the Beyoncé of Politics [Video]

Hillary Clinton Beyonce

Hillary Clinton revealed that she’s a card-carrying member of the Beyhive.

While in Iowa last night, she answered a question from an audience member who asked if she would rather be president or Beyoncé.

Iowa last night for the latest stop on her campaign trail where an audience member asked if she would rather be Queen Bey or president.

“Now, if I really had a choice, I’d rather be president because I can’t sing,” she said. “Nobody would pay to see me sing or dance. Even when I was a way lot younger, it just wasn’t in the cards for me.”

She continued to praise Beyoncé, saying:

“You see her on TV, it’s impressive. You see her in person, you’re just stunned. Thinking like, how does she do that? Really. I mean, she sings, she’s up, she’s down. It’s just amazing. So it’s just not in my astrological reading, I think. So I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer.”

Well, you can never go wrong with showing love for Beyoncé.

Watch the clip below.

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