Watch: Dave Chappelle Addresses His Ohio Shows, Coronavirus, and Trump's Election Loss in 'SNL' Monologue [Video]

Dave Chappelle returned to Saturday Night Live tonight unfiltered — and uncensored.

via Complex:

The standup comedian is hosting the series’ first post-Election Day episode of 2020, just as he did back in 2016 after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. At that time, Chappelle opened the show with a politically charged monologue in which he addressed everything from gentrification and Colin Kapernick’s #TakeaKnee protests to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and the Pulse Nightclub shooting. 

His debut SNL monologue was powerful, smart, funny, and cathartic; so, of course, fans had high expectations for this week’s episode, which aired just hours after major news networks declared Joe Biden’s victory.

Dave’s monologue may have set a record for the most N-words said on NBC.

Check out part of his opening below.

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