Watch: Chaka Khan Gives a Makeup Tutorial [Video]

Have you ever wanted to know Chaka Khan’s makeup tips?

Thanks to the folks over at ‘Vogue,’ your burning Chaka beauty questions have been answered.

The 64-year-old doesn’t trust most makeup artists and over the years she’s learned the best way to create her own signature look.

“Mostly I taught myself. I have put my makeup on in the back of limousines, on the way to gigs,” says says, adding that long hauls on tour and onstage have proven what works best when it comes to comfort, lighting, and, yes, sweat. The secret lies in a balance of revealing and accentuating different parts of her face and décolletage.

Khan’s freckled nose, for example, remains nearly entirely makeup-free, save for a highlighting swipe of gold powder down the center, while her complexion gets a clever lift from an eyebrow-thickening pencil in a warm brown shade a few ticks lighter than her own hair. Her rosewood eyes are exaggerated with heady applications of a jet-black waterproof eyeliner that refuses to budge. “Go cuckoo,” she says, “as thick as you’d like.” Then, drawing back from the mirror, the 10-time-Grammy-Award-winning singer—whose forthcoming album, a collection of Joni Mitchell covers, is due out next year—takes in the eye-widening effect. “Sultry, right?” Unquestionably.

Watch below.

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