Watch: Black TV Reporter Confronts Man Who Called Him the N-Word On Camera [Video]


21-year-old Brian Eybers was arrested after a street confrontation in Charleston in which he hurled the n-word at Steve Crump, a veteran WBTV reporter and maker of award-winning civil rights documentaries.

Brian is currently in the Charleston County Detention Center with a Friday court date on charges of disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia — he had a crack pipe on him.

According to Steve, he was in Charleston earlier this month covering Hurricane Matthew and was heading to his van after completing an interview when Brian began recording video of him.

“[Brian] was doing commentary of the neighborhood,” said Steve. “Then he starts off saying, ‘There’s a black guy walking around here, no he’s a slave, no he’s the n-word.’ 

Steve then walked up to Eybers and asked him what he’d just said.

“I went from zero to 60 like that,” said Steve.

In the video, Steve can be heard asking the man to spell the word he was just called.

“N as in Nancy, I as in indigo, G as in grant,” Brian began.

After Steve turned to leave, Brian stood in front of the news van, blocking it from leaving. Steve then called police.

WBTV photographer Devin Futrelle filmed the confrontation. Watch below.

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