Vivica Fox vs. Brandi Glanville: 'Epic Screaming Matches' on This Season of 'Celebrity Apprentice'


Vivica Fox is making waves on this season of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and as it turns out she’s turning on former friend, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville.

Sources tell Radar Online that Fox & Glanville are ‘at war with each other’ and their budding feud will play out all season.

“Brandi and Vivica have known each other socially in Los Angeles for years, and always got along. They certainly weren’t best friends, but had mutual respect for each other. Fast forward to both ladies filming for Celebrity Apprentice, and the gloves are off. There have been allegations of cheating and lying between the two, and they have had epic screaming matches.

Brandi is really going to surprise people….anyone that thinks she is a stupid airhead will be shocked when they see her on the show. Donald Trump has a lot of admiration for her grit and street smarts. Expect both ladies to go very far in the show, and do very well.”

We’ve seen Brandi’s mouth run amuck in Beverly Hills — but don’t for one second think that Vivica isn’t going to let her have it!

Celebrity Apprentice doesn’t have an official premiere date yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

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