Viral Bullied Kid Keaton Jones' Mother Exposed for Having Confederate Flag Photos and Anti-Protest Facebook Posts [Photos] |

If you’ve been on social media at any point in the last few days you’ve probably seen a clip of a young boy named Keaton Jones crying over being bullied at school.

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The video has gone viral with many celebrities showing support for Keaton. A GoFundMe set up by his mother has already raised over $55,000 (for what cause, exactly? We’re not sure).

Well, it looks like the internet has done some digging and discovered that Keaton’s mother, Kimberly Jones, is a big fan of the confederate flag and hates ‘butt hurt Americans’ who choose to protest slavery and racism.

One of the photos on her page shows Keaton and a few other kids. Keaton is holding the U.S. flag and another kid is holding the Confederate flag.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Keaton repeatedly called a Black kid in his school the N-word and the reason he’s being ‘bullied’ is because the Black kid finally had enough.

No kid deserves to be bullied, but we can’t help but wonder if there’s truly more to this story.


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