Uncredited Songwriter Wins $44 Million for Co-Writing Usher's 'Bad Girl'

A Philadelphia songwriter who claims he never received credit or profits for his work on Usher’s “Bad Girl” has been awarded more than $44 million in damages in a lawsuit against the song’s other co-writers.

via Billboard:

A jury last week awarded the sum to Daniel Marino. His former co-writer William Guice was ordered to pay $6.75 million in compensatory damages, and $20.25 million in punitive damages.

Also last week Destro Music Productions, owned by co-defendant Dante Barton, agreed to pay Marino $17.35 million. That brings his total award to $44.35 million.

The lawsuit stemmed from Marino’s work on a song called “Club Girl.” Marino says he created most of the song, including its guitar hook, tempo and chord progression.

The song was recorded by Usher in 2004 and renamed “Bad Girl.”

Usher wasn’t named in the suit.

That’s one long-overdue payday!

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