Tyson Beckford Makes His Chippendales Debut [Photos + Video]


We told you last month that Tyson Beckford was heading to Vegas for a stint with the all-male Chippendales dance troupe, and last weekend he made his official debut.

He spoke a bit about his new venture with ABC New Radio:

“Chippendales is such a classy brand that you can’t lose with it,” says Beckford. “And seeing Ian do it before me, and he had a great time, so I figured it works with us [and] what we’re doing.”

While he won’t be going full-frontal on stage, you’ll definitely get an eye-full from the back.

“Booty, that’s easy! You know, that’s easy! Add a construction hat over the front, or the cowboy hat, whichever. We’ll figure it out,” he says, laughing.

He sure looks good in a bow-tie, doesn’t he? Check out this clip from his rehearsals and some moments from his first show below.

You can catch Tyson Beckford as part of the Chippendales Male Revue at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino through May 24.

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