Tyrese Shows Support for Vin Diesel in 'Fast 8' Feud [Photo]

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Tyrese has apparently taken sides in the Vin Diesel / Dwayne Johnson feud on the set of ‘Fast 8.’

It was reported this morning that the set crew is #TeamDwayne, but Tyrese seems to be on #TeamVin.

The singer/actor took to Instagram to speak on his brotherhood with Vin.

Spreading love always….. without saying I’ve had too many moments to counts, too many heart too hearts, we’ve celebrated in too many countries, too many exchanges, too many play dates with our angels…… Our brotherhood and every moment has inspired me to be a better man and father…. So much strength to pull from….. I’m so fucking proud to call you my family and my brother…. even now I’m learning so much about sitting still and being centered in the mist of all of this unexpected energy……. I’ve always said that if ONLY people knew how hard you work to protect this franchise and characters, minds would be blown…… The fans around the world who continue to show UP for us are just all around amazing…… And if no one else will jump out there and stand up I will – You’re my brother for life let’s keep it positive and keep rockin this thing…… My proudest post…… #FastFamily #F8 #PaulWeStillMissYouEveryday

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