Tyrese Defends Alleged Child Sex Abuser R. Kelly: 'Let God Do His Job'

Tyrese sat down with Fat Joe for a chat and shared his thoughts on R. Kelly … and they’re terrible.

The singer basically told everyone that he doesn’t care that R. Kelly has been abusing underage girls for years and that people should just let him do his thing.

via The Blast:

He told Joe, “R. Kelly, with all of his videos, what he was doing musically and sonically, and how he figured out a way to change and evolve and stay relevant over all of those years.

“I know he has a lot of controversy and heat on him. I get it. Ain’t no need to get in my comments and if you write some goofy shit I’m going to say “it’s okay.”

Joe, who seemed confused at the rant, asked Tyrese, “No fear, no problem saying R. Kelly (inaudible)?

Tyrese said, “I’m too real to fake it. I just have to say it. What I’ve learned over the years, there is a lot of people in our industry …. Everybody is involved in something that they don’t ever want people to know about publicly. I would say you know what “let god do his job.”

He added, “If I were to find out, what everyone is into, we probably wouldn’t be a fan of anybody. There is some people who do what they do, they know how to keep their shit completely in the closet.”

Tyrese’s praise of Kelly is interesting given the alleged child sex abuser Is currently locked up in prison awaiting two separate federal trials. He is accused of abusing underage girls for years. Many of them were brave enough to speak out on “Surviving R. Kelly.” Kelly has faced numerous lawsuits from alleged victims, dealt with a criminal investigation for child pornography, and remains behind bars.

Fans were quick to trash Tyrese in the comments. One wrote, “That’s not ok to say when there are children involved. Its not just a preference…”

Another wrote, “It wasn’t even necessary to go that deep into trying to cape for Kells. Let God do His job AND let His Believers hold rapists and kidnappers accountable. It ain’t hard to just uphold what’s right. His own sins sent him on that rant. ?”

“Tyrese needs to go away,” suggested another.

“These men having wives, moms, sisters and daughters still let them see the rape of black girls and women (and pedophilia of girls AND boys) as a “vice” Just SHUT UP!!,” commented one person.

This should tell you everything you need to know about Tyrese. We wonder if he would feel the same way about R. Kelly if he had Shayla on camera and locked up in his apartment….

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