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Tyreek Hill Facing Assault Lawsuit For Allegedly Causing OnlyFans Model To Break Her Leg

A model and social media influencer is suing Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, alleging he broke her leg during a football lesson at his home last June.

via: Vibe

Sophie Hall, a 29-year-old model, first connected with the 29-year-old NFL player after she signed up her son for his football camp. She claims that the Super Bowl champion reached out to her and encouraged her to come to the camp a day earlier than it began so they could “hang.”

TMZ obtained alleged Instagram messages between the two which show Hill doubting that she was really over six feet tall and claiming that he was known to “be a good stepdad.” She went to the camp with her son, they met, and he invited her back to his Southwest Ranches estate, per the lawsuit.

Hill allegedly paid for her flight and accommodations, and upon arriving at his home, asked Hall to participate in a football drill with him in his backyard. The drill was meant to replicate an offensive lineman contending with a defensive lineman. Allegedly, she was able to push him backward and he became angry.

Hill allegedly had them switch roles and, in a supposed “fit of rage,” pushed Hall “violently and with great force.” Hall claims that she told the eight-time Pro Bowler that she was hurt, but he told her to simply rest and use ice on her injuries.

The model claims that upon returning home and meeting with an orthopedist, she discovered that she had a fractured leg that required a metal implant to properly heal. Sophie Hall is seeking financial compensation for her injuries that allegedly have caused her constant pain and weakness.

Tyreek Hill had an incredible 2023-2024 NFL season, catching 119 passes for 1,799 yards and 13 touchdowns. In the Miami Dolphins’ December 2023 matchup against the Washington Commanders, he broke the NFL single-season receiving record for the most games, with over 150 receiving yards and at least one touchdown.

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