Trump Supporter Lil Pump Banned from JetBlue After Refusing to Wear a Mask [Video]

Lil Pump took to social media to deny COVID-19 and proclaim that he refuses to wear a mask on Sunday, but now we know his rant came on the heels of him being banned from Jet Blue for his mask refusal.

“All 2020, 2021, I’m not wearing no mask,” he said defiantly in a video. “I don’t gotta wear no f—ing mask, bitch. Corona’s fake! Bye!”

According to reports, a customer flying Saturday from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles says Lil Pump “became verbally abusive with crew members, and also took off his face covering mid-flight.”

He then refused to put it back on when requested.

JetBlue called ahead to the airport to request cops on standby, but he wasn’t arrested.

The flight deck correspondence from the time describes Lil Pump’s behavior, which ranged from being “noncompliant” to coughing and sneezing into a blanket without a mask.

We’ll check back with Pump in 10-14 days and see if he’s denying COVID-19 then.

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