Trump Inauguration Performer Chrisette Michelle Says She and Trump Voter Tina Campbell Are Being 'Choice Shamed'

Yesterday, Chrisette Michele revealed she was dropped from her label (among other things) and the internet wasted no time reminding her of her decision to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Similarly, Tina Campbell revealed last week that she had to cancel her tour due to lack of support. If you’ve been keeping up, Tina voted for AND defended her decision to vote for Donald Trump on multiple occasions.

Chrisette feels that she and Tina are being ‘choice shamed’ for their decisions.

She writes,

Adults do this thing I’d like to call “choice shaming”. It mimics what children do with bullying. It causes a silencing that mutes the people who have made great contributions. We can disagree without division. Stay¬†

Bullying? No, it’s called being held accountable for your actions. Learn from this!

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