Tristan Thompson Reveals He’s Unsure Where Estranged Father Lives in Fight To Obtain Guardianship of 17-year-old Brother Amari

Tristan Thompson has taken over as caregiver for his younger brother in the wake of his mom’s death.

via: Radar Online

Thompson has no idea where his estranged father Trevor currently lives and cannot put him on notice about his plan to obtain guardianship of his 17-year-old brother Amari, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, Khloé Kardashian’s ex told a Los Angeles Superior Court judge that Trevor’s whereabouts are “currently unknown.”

As we previously reported, Tristan recently filed a petition to be named Amari’s guardian to help his brother who has “medical diagnoses that render him unable to provide basic care for himself.”

Tristan’s mother Andrea had been caring for Amari before she passed in January. In court documents, the NBA star said he was the best person to take over for Andrea. He said his and Amari’s father had not been an active parent for years.

Tristan’s lawyer wrote, “Amari’s father, Trevor Thompson, has actively been absent from Amari’s life since Andrea Brooks received sole custody of Amari and a support order against Trevor Thompson in July of 2014.”

“Trevor Thompson has never fulfilled any of his support obligations towards Amari and has been actively avoiding them,” the petition added. Tristan said all of Amari’s grandparents had passed.

In his filing, Tristan said being Amari’s guardian would allow him to manage his brother’s finances and make important healthcare decisions on his behalf.

Tristan said Amari was set to be paid $114k as a result of Andrea’s death.

“A Guardian is also needed to protect Amari’s inheritance from loss or injury,” Tristan said.

On top of that, Tristan said he would apply for American citizenship for Amari, enroll him in school, and be free to travel internationally with him. The two were raised in Canada.

“Tristan has been taking care of Amari since their mother died in January of 2023. Tristan has ensured that Amari has made of all his medical appointments, has had all of his basic needs met, and has provided him with a quality of life that none of Amari’s other living relatives can meet,” his lawyer wrote.

Tristan’s lawyer added, “Amari is a minor and has medical conditions that render him unable to take care of himself or seek gainful employment. Appointing a guardian for Amari would be in his best interest because it would ensure that someone would be responsible for providing and fulfilling his basic needs.”

A judge has yet to rule on the petition.

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