Tristan Thompson Approaches Kris Jenner to Apologize for Khloé Kardashian Cheating Scandals on 'KUWTK' Finale |

Tristan Thompson Approaches Kris Jenner to Apologize for Khloé Kardashian Cheating Scandals on ‘KUWTK’ Finale

Tristan Thompson is trying to make amends for his past cheating scandals — and he’s making sure he sets things right with the woman who could end it all for him, Kris Jenner.

via People:

On Thursday’s season 19 finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the pro basketball player approached Kris Jenner to discuss how he has grown over the past year, in which he and Khloé had been apart.

Malika Haqq, Khloé’s best friend, urged Tristan, 29, to reach out to Kris after talking to him about his desire to get back with Khloé, 36.

“Losing her made me lose a part of myself, and I was going down a path that was not who I wanted to be,” he told Malika over video chat. “And the toughest part is when I first met Khloé, I told Kris, ‘I would love to take your daughter to Cleveland,’ and I gave her my word that I was going to protect her daughter and I failed.”

Tristan added, “That kills me the most — you look someone in the eyes, someone you respect and have high regards for, and you let them down.”

Tristan’s first cheating scandal broke just two days before Khloé gave birth to their daughter True in 2018. The following year, Tristan was accused of cheating on Khloé once again, this time with family friend Jordyn Woods in February 2019. (Though Thursday’s episode was filmed while the couple was broken up, Khloé and Tristan have since gotten back together.)

After his conversation with Malika, Tristan met up with Kris, 65, to express his regret over his actions.

“I remember you telling me, ‘That’s my baby girl, that’s my bunny,'” he began. “So when I hurt her with all the actions I did, it really affected me a lot because of how much I let you down and our relationship, because you viewed me as a son.”

“When you hurt her, you hurt me, you hurt all of us,” Kris replied. “The bottom line is we just want her to be happy, and we want you to be happy, and we want you to be happy as a family and we want True to be happy.”

“Tristan and I have always had a really close relationship,” Kris added in a confessional. “All the mending and healing that has gone on has made me feel good about him as a person.”

Later, Khloé and Tristan sat down to have an honest discussion about where their relationship stood. Khloé shared that while their time during quarantine had been “really amazing,” she was still not sure about getting back together.

“For almost a year now, you’ve been a different person,” she told him. “It frustrates me, because I’m like, why now? Why are you the man I dreamed of currently? Why couldn’t you be that when we were together?”

She continued, “One of my fears is you’re going to keep acting like this until you get what you want, and when you do, you’re going to turn into the old Tristan again.”

Trying to assuage her fears, Tristan replied, “I’ve grown to a point where I know what I want in my life and I know I want you in my life.”

“Do I love you? A million percent. Am I currently in love with you? No,” Khloé admitted. “But would it be great if I could have this fairy tale ending? Yes, but just because you have a family with someone doesn’t mean you have to stay with someone if it’s not the best fit. I don’t know what the future holds.”

In a confessional, Khloé acknowledged that Tristan had changed for the better.

“In the past year I have seen so much growth and so much change in Tristan, which I’m so grateful for,” she said. “But I will say I’m giving the best that I can give, and I’m trying, and I feel like we’re in a good place. There is progression and there is some forward momentum.”

Of course, as fans know, the couple eventually did decide to get back together this summer. Most recently, a source told PEOPLE last month that things between the two had been going well ever since they decided in June to give their relationship another try.

“Their focus is True and they keep doing fun family activities together. Khloé really believes that things will continue to be great even after Tristan has to return to work,” the source said. “She is very impressed with how he has stepped up.”

The source added at the time that another child could be in the cards for the couple. “They are definitely planning their future together and can’t wait to have another baby,” the source shared. “True will be a great big sister.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Scott Disick, 37, struggled with feelings of anxiety and depression amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ultimately deciding to check himself into a rehab facility to deal with “past traumas,” including the deaths of his parents.

Ex Kourtney Kardashian, 41, expressed her support for Scott when he told her he wanted to go away, but Scott ended up heading home after someone leaked a photo of him inside the facility.

“He said he’s never been more betrayed in his life,” Kourtney told sister Kim Kardashian West as the situation unfolded. “He is packing and he’s definitely coming home but he’s really upset, especially because he was actually going to work on himself and his traumas.”

“I thought going away and going to a facility would be the best thing — you know, I could get out of my own way, kind of shut down, regroup, go over everything in a safe place, safe environment,” Scott later said. “And now that that was betrayed to me, the last thing I want to do is repack my bags and go to another place to have this happen to me possibly again.”

Earlier this week, Larsa Pippen revealed that she actually dated Tristan before Khloé and introduced them. How much of a changed man does anyone think Tristan truly is?

Only time will tell…

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