Trey Songz Surprises Nicki Minaj with Dozens of Roses [Photos]


Well isn’t this sweet! 

Nicki Minaj walked into the studio to find dozens of pink roses from her boy Trey Songz.

They were sent as a ‘thank you’ for her contribution to Trey’s new album, Trigga.

Nicki shared a photo of the surprise on Instagram, along with the caption:

“Walked into the studio to this. Whoa! U rlly shldnt have @treysongz. I’m playing, u should have. Lol”

She also shared a picture of the handwritten note that accompanied the roses. 


It reads:

“I’m a lil late on the rosé so I got you these roses instead,” he said. “Nicki I love you!!! So proud of you. Your growth is inspiring and beautiful to watch. Very happy and honored for us to do it again.”

Nicki wrote back,

 “The honor is all mine, Trey. Thank u. #BottomsUp #TouchinLovin.”

Have you had a chance to check out Trey & Nicki’s latest collaboration, “Touchin Lovin”? If not, listen to it here

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