Tony Yayo Says 50 Cent Funded Entire "Final Lap" Tour Himself |

Tony Yayo Says 50 Cent Funded Entire “Final Lap” Tour Himself

Tony Yayo’s loyalty to 50 Cent is no secret, and he has now revealed the ways in which it has paid off.

via: HotNewHipHop

Since kicking off his Final Lap tour in July of last year, 50 Cent has gone on to perform in over 70 cities across over 20 countries. Fans and peers alike have praised the hitmaker for riveting performances, undeniable work ethic, special guests, and more. Recently, Tony Yayo opened up about how impressed he was by the tour, also revealing that the entire operation was funded by Fif alone.

During a recent interview with VladTV, the rapper described being blown away by what it took to make the tour happen. “Everybody’s coming there, of course, to work for 50, ’cause 50 cuts the budget. But when you think of everything that’s behind it, from production, road management, catering, dancers, f*ckin’ stewardess on the jet, pilots — everybody’s like one big team,” he said. “And 50 pays for everything.”

According to him, everyone’s also paid pretty well, including himself. Elsewhere in the interview, he shared details of how much Fif’s managed to rake in with the tour. He says that on merch alone, he’s made a killing. “His merch is in the millions. He’s an icon,” he explained. “You can ask anyone — the people that ran the tour from Live Nation — they’ll tell you, ‘Your favorite rapper can’t do what 50 just did.’”

He was later asked why he didn’t use the opportunity to sell some merch of his own. Tony Yayo says he simply didn’t feel a need to, as he was already making more than enough. “I don’t ask for too much. I’m making six figures, so why would I bother you for more? It’s cool. I’m not worried about that. Trust me, I’m making a great check […] The money is great, the money is excellent,” he said.

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