Tommy 'Tiny' Lister's Cause of Death Revealed

An autopsy performed on Tommy “Tiny” Lister found that the actor best known for his role as Deebo in the Friday franchise died of hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The L.A. County Medical Examiner said Lister also tested positive for COVID-19, but concluded that heart disease was the cause of death.

via: Page Six

The autopsy also revealed a nasal swab came back positive for COVID-19 and noted “The Fifth Element” actor had fluid in his chest when he died. Additionally, he had an enlarged heart with high blood pressure, poor circulation in his legs and coronary artery disease.

Lister was found dead in his home on Dec. 10, 2020. He was 62.

Lister’s manager, Cindy Cowan, told Variety at the time that he had displayed coronavirus-like symptoms in recent days; the actor also had Type 2 diabetes.

In his final interview before his death, the “No Holds Barred” star remained hopeful about Tinseltown and the coronavirus vaccine.

“Hollywood gonna crank all the way back up in January,” Lister predicted. “They got the vaccine . . . give it a couple months, and I’m taking it. I’m taking that vaccine.”

Lister began feeling sick around the same time the interview was conducted, five days before he died, Cowan shared. He told friends he felt weak and was having trouble breathing.

He ultimately canceled his first day of filming for a new movie, she said.

Lister first battled coronavirus four months prior to his death, but his manager believed the virus re-emerged.

“RIP Tiny “Deebo” Lister,” Ice Cube, who was Lister’s co-star in Friday, wrote after news of the actor’s death was announced. “America’s favorite bully was a born entertainer who would pop into character at the drop of a hat terrifying people on and off camera. Followed by a big smile and laugh. Thank you for being a good dude at heart. I miss you already.”

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