Tom Holland and Zendaya Joke About Their Height Difference [Video] |

Tom Holland and Zendaya Joke About Their Height Difference [Video]

Tom Holland may play a big-time superhero, but it seems his co-star Zendaya is doing all the heavy lifting.

via: Page Six

Tom Holland and Zendaya seemed more than happy to joke about their two-inch height difference during a joint interview on “The Graham Norton Show” Friday night.

“There’s a particular stunt where Spider-Man swings us on top of a bridge and he places me there,” Zendaya, 25, said, adding that Holland, who she is dating, is supposed to “gently” rest her on the bridge before walking away.

“Because of our height difference… we were attached, so I would land before him,” the actress, who is two inches taller than Holland, explained. “My feet obviously hit the ground before he does.”

Holland, also 25, jumped in to finish the story.

“I’m the superhero. I’m supposed to look cool,” he said as his girlfriend laughed along with the audience.

“She would land, and then I would sort of land like this, and then my feet would swing from underneath me, and she would catch me,” he explained.

The couple attempted to demonstrate their stunt landing, with Zendaya holding up one of Holland’s legs as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders for support.

Zendaya added that even though Holland wasn’t able to nail his superhero landing, he was still a proper gentleman about it.

“You were like, ‘Oh my gosh, thank you’,” she said.

“It’s so nice to be caught for a change,” he responded with a laugh.

The couple’s interview comes just a few days after they were spotted getting cozy at the Ballon d’Or 2021 awards in Paris on Tuesday.

Photos show the “Spider-Man” stars with their arms wrapped around each other after they opted not to walk the red carpet together.

They are cute together.

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