Tom Girardi Officially Disbarred by California Federal Court, State Disbarment Still Pending

Things are continuing to take a dark turn for embattled lawyer Tom Girardi.

via: People

According to documents filed under the Central District of California and obtained by PEOPLE, Girardi did not contest the decision. Podcast host Emily D. Baker was first to report the 82-year-old’s federal disbarment, which was handed down by a judge on Friday.

A state disbarment is still pending, Baker reports.

On June 9, Tom’s younger brother Robert Girardi was designated as his permanent conservator. Court papers obtained by PEOPLE in mid-July cited the former attorney’s recent dementia diagnosis as the cause.

At the time, Tom said he opposed the conservatorship “all together” and suggested he would “address” his concerns — including reasons it should be “dissolved” — in court. Like his disbarment, he ultimately did not contest the designation.

“I think that we should put together the reasons why the conservatorship should be dissolved, and then we’ll address it, address the court,” the once-famed attorney continued. “Right now, I have nothing to say to the court.”

Dementia is described as a “major neurocognitive disorder” characterized by symptoms like the loss of memory, language, problem-solving and other cognitive abilities (Girardi has also been diagnosed with late-onset Alzheimer’s, a disease with similar characteristics).

Girardi completed a mental assessment on February 28 as part of his brother’s petition to become his conservator. Robert had been named Tom’s temporary conservator earlier that month.

His firm Girardi Keese has now begun to auction off a handful of Jayne’s personal memorabilia and collectibles including art and furniture to pay creditors amid the bankruptcy case.

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