We Told You So: NeNe Leakes Confirms Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Blocked Her Talk Show [Video] | lovebscott.com

We Told You So: NeNe Leakes Confirms Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Blocked Her Talk Show [Video]

NeNe Leakes stopped by The Breakfast Club and dished on a wide range of topics including her family, her time on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ and her friendship with Wendy Williams.

NeNe’s newfound friendship with Wendy Williams always struck us as odd for a few reasons — but the main reason being that lovebscott.com exclusively reported years ago that Wendy Williams is the sole reason NeNe’s talk show got canceled before it got off the ground.

Long story short, Debmar Mercury (the production company behind Wendy’s show) was also producing a talk show with NeNe slated to air right after Wendy’s. Wendy (and Kevin) went to production and gave them an ultimatum — Wendy or NeNe. Production went with Wendy.

During her chat with The Breakfast Club, NeNe confirmed that she filmed a talk show pilot and also said she has yet to speak to Wendy about the situation.

“I do think [they blocked the show.] I think it was her husband.”

She continued,

“Well, you know. Things happen. I think that…timing is everything. Maybe it wasn’t my time. You know, sometimes people are intimidated. They think maybe you’re going to come up and do a little bit more than they do — but I do know it was scrapped.”

“I’m not opposed to talking about Wendy about nothing. I just felt like it was old news. I don’t really care about it anymore. I’ve moved on, she’s moved on. She’s not with Kevin anymore. I thought he was toxic for her. I’m sure he was the person to go and get it stopped. It was either [Kevin] or Wendy, and they already had money and Wendy’s show was already on. They made the right choice. In my eyes, I would’ve done the same thing. If I know that this show is already successful, I would just stick with the show that’s already successful.”

“It didn’t hurt my feelings. At that time in my life, I think it really taught me how the industry is. It’s a dirty world.”

As Charlemagne said, Wendy cost NeNe some money. If it were us, that would definitely be something we’d have to address as “friends.”

Watch the moment below. The talk show conversation starts around the 17:45 mark.

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