Tina Knowles Clears the Air on Beyoncé's Secret Instagram: 'I Said Angie Beyince' [Video]

Tina Knowles cleared up an internet rumor she inadvertently started about daughter Beyoncé having a secret Instagram account.

Now, Tina has set the record straight, saying that she was actually talking about her niece Angie Beyince — not Beyoncé.

“I had a live with @museummammy On Wednesday and I said Angie Beyince Has been cooking every day and she should have a cooking show well you know they edited out the Angie and just put Beyonce is cooking every day and should have a cooking show that’s very Funny????? Guys Beyince’ and Beyonce are pronounce the exact same way,” Tina explained.

She continued:

“It is five Beyonce children that my daddy had. Only the first three had the same spelling Beyince’ me and my youngest brother had Beyonce’ on our birth certificates. So however they spelled it on our birth certificate is how we spelled it also. But it is all pronounced the same please do not try to correct me on Pronunciation on my own last name.”

Now, y’all know Beyoncé can’t cook! Watch the clip and read Tina’s clarification below.

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