Timbaland & Keri Hilson Prepare 'Apology' Song for Beyoncé & Jay-Z [Video]

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It’s been 5 years since Keri Hilson released  a remix for her hit single “Turnin’ Me On“. The controversial song featured lyrics that many believed to be about a few popular R&B artists, but mainly Beyoncé. The lyrics sent fans into an uproar and Keri Hilson’s social media life has never been the same.

In a new interview with Diddy’s REVOLT TV, Timbaland reveals that he and Keri collaborated on an apology track, addressing their situations with both Jay-Z & Beyoncé. Well, actually Timbaland created the song to apologize to Jay-Z, but Keri used it as an opportunity to get a few things off her chest as well.

I got this one song that I did with Keri on my album called ‘Sorry,’ and Keri actually tells the story about the whole Beyoncé thing and how she was sorry about it because she wasn’t really talking about Beyoncé but other people.

Watch Timbaland discuss the song below.

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