Tim Savage, the Father of R. Kelly's Alleged 21-Year-Old Captive Responds & Dares Him to Sue [Video]

Yesterday, R. Kelly denied running an abusive sex cult following an explosive report published by Buzzfeed.

Shortly after, 21-year-old Joycelyn Savage spoke out — telling the world that she’s NOT being held against her will and that her relationship with her parents is strained.

Tim Savage, Joycelyn’s father, has responded to her video saying that the clip proves his point.

As many of our readers have pointed out, in Joycelyn’s video you can see the shadow of a person who’s seemingly advising her on what to answer vs what not to answer (around the 1:50 mark). She also wouldn’t say where she was OR what her relationship with R. Kelly is.

In his denial, R. Kelly said he’s go after his accusers legally — but Joycelyn’s dad Tim says to bring it!

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