TikTok Star and Dad-of-Three Bobby Moudy Dies by Suicide After Financial Struggles

Bobby Moudy, the father of 3 who gained TikTok fame by posting wholesome content with his family, has died.

via: Metro

A family friend confirmed the social media content creator’s death on GoFundMe, where they are raising money for his relatives.

Mandy wrote: ‘On April 28th, he was a tragic victim of suicide. Bobby was full of life and laughs, but also weighed down by financial pressures.

‘His wife, Jennifer and their three children are in an emotional and financial crisis as he was their rock.’

Moudy’s wife Jenn Moudy also shared a post on Instagram that she said had been written by her cousin: ‘We all have so many thoughts and feelings, but few words to express them.

‘It’s hard to explain how one minute you’re heartbroken over the amount of pain and desperation he endured, and the next you’re in a rage for the choice that he made.

‘You have to keep reminding yourself to direct the anger at the choice and the sadness the loss of an amazing bad, husband, son, brother, cousin nephew and friend.

‘As a family, we don’t want other families to endure such a loss. 45,979 families felt this pain when the last statistics were done.

‘On average there are 130 suicides per day. Those numbers are not OK.’

Moudy shot to fame on TikTik after sharing wholesome content starring his family and in his bio he joked: ‘Just here to embarrass my daughter.’

He had over 360k subscribers to his channel with a recent video of his two younger children reaching over 6.3M views.

Moudy leaves behind Jennifer and his children Kaytlin, Max and Charleigh.


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