Things Got Real: Wanda Smith's Husband Pulled a Gun on Katt Williams at an Atlanta Comedy Club After He Flamed Wanda On-Air

Tension between V-103 radio host Wanda Smith and comedian Katt Williams followed them out of the studio and into a local Atlanta comedy club on Saturday night where Wanda’s husband, LaMorriss Sellers, pulled out a gun.

According to reports, Katt Williams arrived at the Atlanta Comedy Theater to support another comic — but the venue just so happens to be where Wanda hosts regularly.

Wanda addressed the incident on-air and said that Katt approached her on the sidewalk outside of the club.

“When I walked outside the door I saw Katt Williams and his bodyguard walking up towards the comedy club,” said Wanda. “He made a beeline [towards me]. He said, “I told you effin’ with me would make you go viral!” […]

“That’s when my husband said, “Aye dawg, find something else to do dawg!” Then he [Katt] said, “I’ll jump on your big a** too!”

The police report said Katt told the cop that Wanda’s husband pointed a gun to his face.

“Katt and his security guard fled [to] the Food Depot next door where the officer had his initial contact with them,” the report said.

According to LaMorris, he approached Katt and chased him into Food Depot where he left him and returned to the Atlanta Comedy Theater.

When asked if he had a gun on him, he said yes. LaMorris stated that as he was chasing Katt, his gun fell from his waistband and he bent to retrieve it however, “he never pointed it at anyone.”

Video from the Food Depot showed LaMorris chasing Katt, but no evidence of a gun.

The comedy theater management told the officer they couldn’t access the video from the club’s vantage point.

Over the years we’ve seen Katt’s instability — he’s the LAST person we’d point a gun at in a situation like this.


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