The Yes Ma'ams Give Us A 'Taste Test' [Album Review]

Privacy, Secret, and Slander, better known as The Yes Ma’ams, have dropped their first EP Taste Test. The EP consists of 10 songs selected to showcase their fun, flirty, and sexy personalities. Mixing the collective cool of TLC with the classy-yet-raunchy appeal of Vanity 6, Taste Test is a super fun debut from the girls. Continue for my track-by-track review.

  1. Intro – This is cute. Oddly enough, it’s the perfect way to introduce the EP.
  2. Firestarter – The girls didn’t waste any time! Privacy’s vocals sound crisp and clear as she commands her lover to ‘light a flame’ over a tribal-esque beat. I would have loved to have heard a different second verse, but I’m usually too busy dancing & grinding up and down the wall to care.
  3. Vanessa – It’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s confident, and it has a super catchy hook. Did I mention the whole thing is a metaphor for…a different v-word?! Clever.
  4. Drunk Sex (Interlude) – This might be my second favorite ‘song’ on the entire EP. The instrumentation is all over the place and really bizarre…but it works! Something about these sleazy 90s house sub-bass synths — I love them!
  5. Current Affair – Definitely the smoothest & sexiest song out of the bunch. It’s the first time we get to see the lighter, more sensual side of the ladies.
  6. What Girls Are Made Of – Love the throwback sample!
  7. Only If I Say So – Another one of my favorites.
  8. Right There – This…is a sexy interlude. I would have loved for this to be a full song. Maybe one day…
  9. Believe Dat – The most urban record on the EP. I’d love the ladies to explore more of this sound for their next EP.
  10. Got A Problem – One of the more lyrically aggressive songs in the set. It matches the attitude of Rihanna’s “Breakin’ Dishes”, but the production carries more of an 80s-Prince vibe. I could easily see something like this fitting on The Pussycat Dolls’ debut album (which was almost flawless, btw).
  11. Light Up The Night – I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it in the studio. It gives you elements of old-school Motown, yet the production is really fresh and fun! Galactic-funk! It’s a really ‘feel good’ record. The perfect way to end the album!


Overall: It’s a solid debut from The Yes Ma’ams. In an industry where we’re clearly in need of a sickening girl group to fill the void so many have left empty, The Yes Ma’ams could definitely do the job. They’re definitely a welcome breath of fresh air, but in order to have longevity the girls can’t solely rely on their obvious 80s musical influences. While I love each song individually, 10 songs with similar synths, sounds and arrangements does begin to feel a bit redundant. Not that it really matters, because if redundancy sounds this good then I’ll deal. Something about these girls just works.

Favorite Songs: “Light Up The Night“, “Drunk Sex“, “Current Affair“, “Got A Problem“, and “Firestarter


Download ‘Taste Test’ here [For Free]


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