Mother of One Bill Cosby Accuser Penned Personal Letter to His Wife Camille


The mother of one of Bill Cosby’s accusers recently penned a personal letter to Camille Cosby in hopes of unearthing her motherly instincts and compelling her to believe her daughter’s account of being sexually taken advantage of by the comedian more than two decades ago.

According to Judy Thompson, her daughter Jennifer Thompson was paid $700 after being pressured into giving Bill a handjob in his home in 1988. Jennifer was 17 at the time.

Judy spoke with the Associated Press and informed the news organization that she sent the letter to Camille nearly three weeks ago after being affected by Camille’s December statement regarding the countless accusations against her husband – a statement that questioned who is really the victim of these accusations.

While the entire letter has not been made available, we’ve received this much from Judy:

“Mother to mother, this letter was written from my heart.”

“Your husband crossed boundaries that never should have been breached.”

“He shattered her innocence.”

“May you and Bill speak the truth and be afforded peace for your souls.”

“To be so hurt and violated, and then not be believed! Resolution has not been easily forthcoming. We all remained in the shadows of your husband’s sick behavior.”

According to Judy, Jennifer – who is now 44 – still carries the burden of what occurred to her in 1988.

It’s unknown if Camille received the letter.

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