Texas Southern University DROPS Kim Burrell's Radio Show From Their Programming Lineup

Kim Burrell’s is refusing to apologize for her sermon at a Houston church where she referred to gays and lesbians as ‘perverted’ — and now it’s costing her opportunities.

Not only did Ellen drop Kim’s scheduled appearance on her show, but Texas Souther University has announced that they’ll no longer be airing ‘Bridging the Gap with Kim Burrell’ in their programming lineup.

“The Kim Burrell show is no longer airing as part of KTSU Radio programming,” TSU said in a statement.

Kim debuted the show on the KTSU network nearly seven months ago in June.

KTSU’s website describes the show as:

“Burrell’s first venture as a radio host. She plans to give her fans and new listeners a mix of encouragement and entertainment. Bridging the Gap will feature special segments, including “You Thought It, I Said It,” “Losing My Religion”, and “Summary of Hope.” The weekly show will also feature special guest appearances from music artists in Jazz, R&B and Gospel.”


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