Shirley Caesar Defends Kim Burrell, Says Kim Should've Spoken Out Against Homosexuality Four Years Ago 'Before the President Made That Stuff Alright' [Video]


Pastor Shirley Caesar decided to add her two cents into the Kim Burrell controversy and apparently she’s a bigot too.

While addressing the congregation at First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Shirley touched on Kim Burrell’s hateful anti-gay sermon and said the following:

“You (Kim Burrell) should’ve said something 4 years ago when our President made that stuff alright!”

In case you weren’t clear, ‘that stuff’ Shirley is referring to is the legalization of same-sex marriage under President Obama’s administration.

Watch the video below. Shame on you, Shirley.

Update: There’s a longer video segment which gives Shirley’s comments a bit more context — but it doesn’t really help her case. She basically suggests that from now on if pastors want to speak and keep things ‘in house’ then they better start collecting phones at the door.

Translation: If you’re going to preach hate, make sure no one records it and puts it on the internet.

No, Shirley. That’s not how this works.

Shirley then went on to say that ‘we’ve all made mistakes’ and that she’s learning to process things before she speaks because ‘once it’s out there, it’s out there.’


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