Texas Cops Pull Gun, Assault Kids for Being Black at Pool Party [Video]

black teen texas pool party cops harass

A video surfaced online Sunday in which, according to the person who filmed it, Texas police are shown attacking kids at a pool party when responding to a call from neighbors that there were ‘too many black people’ in the neighborhood.

via TheGrio:

Authorities arrived immediately to the predominately white neighborhood and proceeded to chase and handcuff the frightened partygoers without providing much information as to why.

At one point in the clip, an officer can be seen pinning a young girl in a bathing suit facedown into the grass while grabbing her by her braids. She and her friends hysterically scream as she is cuffed. The adults in the neighborhood are seen helplessly watching on as the girl sobs.

All throughout the clip several detained young boys try to explain to the police that they just arrived to the scene and were not involved in whatever complaints had been made. They also appear confused as to why they have been cuffed. The video ends with the officer chastising the boys for “being part of the mob.”

The officer has since been placed on paid leave. Watch the harrowing video below.


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