Terrible: Drunk White Men Scream 'Donald Trump' at a Muslim Woman and Try to Remove Her Hijab at an NYC Subway Station


Three drunk white men reportedly screamed “Donald Trump” and other slurs at an 18-year-old Muslim woman before trying to rip her hijab off of her head.

via NY Daily News:

The young Muslim woman was standing on an uptown 6 platform at the 23rd St. and Park Ave. stop at about 10 p.m. Thursday when the trio of drunks allegedly started yelling at her.

“Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” they screamed according to sources.

They followed her as she then boarded a 6 train, the sources added.

On the train, they kept screaming Trump’s name at her, and then called her a “(expletive) terrorist.”

“Get the hell out of the country!” they allegedly yelled. “You don’t belong here!”

When she ignored them, they yanked off her purse — breaking the strap — and tried to take off her hijab, a head covering worn by Muslim women.

“Take that thing!” they yelled, sources said.

She fled the train at Grand Central Terminal on E. 42nd St. and reported the terrifying incident to police.

The men stayed on the train and got off at another station, sources said.

The woman, who was uninjured, told cops they appeared intoxicated.

Police are examining surveillance video in an effort to identify the men.

So…nobody thought to step in and help this young lady? That’s upsetting.


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