Terrence Howard Gives Bizarre 'Rolling Stone' Interview, Provides Details on Domestic Violence Incidents Involving His First Two Wives


If Terrence Howard doesn’t tread carefully, he may quickly follow in the footsteps of Isaiah Washington and Columbus Short, both of whom were swiftly axed from larger-than-life television shows (Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal) for bad off-screen behavior.

In what is almost certain to give FOX executives heart attacks, Terrence gave a bizarre interview in the current issue of Rolling Stone where he describes witnessing his dad stab a man, argues that one times one equals two and provides details on the domestic violence incidents involving his first and second wives.

Below you can read an excerpt where the Oscar-nominated actor gives details on his run-ins with domestic violence:

Another problem Howard has is his temper. He’s been escorted off a plane for unruly behavior. He’s punched out strangers in a restaurant. He’s said to have knocked at least two of his women around, most recently ex-wife Michelle Ghent, who after a 2013 trip to Costa Rica with Howard was photographed with a black eye. She said Howard did it. He either denies the allegations or shades the circumstances or has outright justifications.

That time in 2001 when he was arrested for slugging his first wife (who he married in 1989, divorced in 2003 remarried in 2005, and divorced again in 2007), which led to a guilty plea for disorderly conduct? According to the police report, he had “punched her twice with a closed fist.”

About that one, he is contrite. “She was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids,” he says. “Her lawyer said it was a closed fist, but even slapping her was wrong.”

And what happened in Costa Rica with Ghent? “She was trying to Mace me,” he says, “and you can’t see anything so all you can do is try to bat somebody away, and I think that something caught her. But I wasn’t trying to hit her.”

And the 2005 incident in the restaurant? When Howard and a couple were waiting in line to be seated, they got into an argument that didn’t end until Howard knocked the man to the ground and hit the woman.

Howard says he wasn’t even in any line. He’d just gone to check out the wait time for a table. The woman accused him of cutting in front of her and one thing led to another, with him acting in self-defense. He pleaded guilty, once again, to disorderly conduct.

Yikes! Word of advice to Terrence moving forward: Censor yourself.

To read the full interview, click here.

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