Tekashi 6ix9ine Attempts To Break Sales Records With Release Of Custom NFT's [Photo]

As NFTs continue to cause a frenzy online, 6ix9ine has now entered the world of crypomedia, announcing two NFT collectible art pieces to be released this Friday at 4 p.m. ET. The 3D-animations will integrate snippets from the rapper’s first two studio albums, 2020’s TattleTales and 2018’s Dummy Boy.

via: The Blast

The rapper is also dropping 125 versions of 3 separate NFT’s which will be released at a lower price point, so fans can get in on the action.

In the deal, Tekashi is partnering with the leading NFT strategy, development, and marketplace company Bondly.finance for his first NFT.

“Our vision is to help create NFT’s that have multiple levels of engagement for creators and fans,” says Bondly CEO Brandon Smith.

He continued, “The two auction pieces are not only awesome digital art, but they will also have unique features inside our various gaming and metaverse partners. Only their owner will be able to experience it.”

This isn’t the first time the same company partnered with a celebrity to engage in this same market.

In February, Bondly partnered with YouTube star Logan Paul — quickly selling out of a digital piece of NFT art depicting him as an anime Pokeman character holding up trading cards. A month later, the company again partnered with a star — Tory Lanez — and released an NFT as unreleased music paired with rare art a day before his album ‘Playboy’ was released.

The best part, the NFT will not only be a one of a kind piece of digital art — but, according to the company — it will also unlocked features on upcoming gaming platforms that “only the owner of this NFT will be able to experience.”

Plus, you know how Tekashi 69 rolls…and apparently the new owner will get a very special gift from the man himself. Just think of the possibilities. In the announcement, it promises Tekashi may even offer more perks to the owner of his first NFT as it gets closer to the April 9th release.

6ix9ine isn’t the first hip-hop artist to enter the world of NFTs. Just last week, the Weeknd revealed an exclusive NFT collection, titled “Acephalous,” which features new music and limited edition art produced by LA-based design team Strangeloop Studio

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