Teen Helps Friend Escape From Unlocked Police Vehicle While In Custody [Video]

A video making rounds online shows a teenage girl helping a friend escape NYPD custody in the Bronx by opening the unlocked door of a police SUV.

via NYDN:

In the video posted Thursday night, the young woman screamed and cheered as she circled the NYPD vehicle. She pulled open the side rear door, and another girl dashed out, her hands cuffed behind her. 

Police said the chaotic episode took place Wednesday, near the corner of E, 149th St. and Southern Blvd.

The officers were responding to a report of an assault, and had arrested the runaway suspect and a friend, both 14, before the girl in the video intervened and opened the police car’s door.

As the cuffed suspect ran, several police officers followed, all while her friend screamed, “Yeah! Yeah! You got it! You got it! Run! Run! My sister out!”

Cops recaptured the freed suspect a half-block away. The 15-year-old girl who opened the door was also arrested on charges of obstructing government administration.

Police did not release any of the teenage suspects’ names because of their age.

They’re both lucky they didn’t get shot. You know how the NYPD likes to do.

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