Teacher Finally Fired Over 'Most Likely to Be a Terrorist' and Other Inappropriate Superlatives

The Texas teacher who handed out certificates to students labeling them “most likely to become a terrorist or “blends in with white people” has been fired.

via NYDN:

Channelview Independent School District confirmed Tuesday that an unidentified teacher at the Houston area’s Anthony Aguirre Junior High School “is no longer employed by the district.”

Stacy Lockett was the teacher whose name appeared on at least some of the certificates, according to local reports.

Nationwide attention to the school and its AVID college prep program bubbled over after the student who received the “terrorist” award, 13-year-old Lizeth Villanueva told local media about the sick superlatives.

“She said that some people might get offended, but she doesn’t really care about our feelings,” the teen told KHOU.

Villanueva’s label was followed by Sydney Caesar, a black student in class, revealing she had been given a “Most Likely to Blend in With White People” award.

Other awards included “most likely to become homeless in Guatemala” and “most likely to cry about every little thing,” KPRC reported.

A previous release from Channelview ISD had said that multiple teachers had received some sort of unspecified discipline.

It took them long enough.

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