Taxstone Hit Indicted for Murder for Irving Plaza Shooting |

Taxstone Hit Indicted for Murder for Irving Plaza Shooting

Podcast personality Taxstone is now facing a murder charge for his role in last year’s Irving Plaza shooting of rapper Troy Ave’s bodyguard.

via Billboard:

According to DNA Info, Taxstone (born Daryl Campbell) pleaded not guilty during his hearing on Thursday after being charged with second degree murder for the fatal shooting of Ronald McPhatter in May 2016.

According to prosecutors, a fight between Campbell and Troy Ave caused McPhatter to intervene in defense of the Brooklyn rapper. Prior to the confrontation, tensions between Campbell and Troy Ave were high, considering the podcaster often ridiculed the rapper on social media and his show Tax Season, says prosecutors.

Troy Ave was shot in the leg and later arrested the following day on attempted murder and weapons charges. As for Campbell, his arrest didn’t come until earlier this year when police connected him to the murder weapon. Prosecutors told the judge that Campbell carried the firearm into the venue and fired out multiple shots, including the ones that killed McPhatter.

In June, Campbell pleaded guilty to two federal weapons counts. Billboard reached out to Campbell’s lawyers for comment.

Life comes at you fast.

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