Tatyana Ali Set To Appear In ‘Bel-Air’ Season 2 In Recurring Role [Video]

Another Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star is headed to Peacock’s dramatic reimagining.

via: Vibe

On Thursday (Jan. 19), Peacock uploaded a trailer for the hit show on YouTube, and it featured a sneak peek into what Will (Jabari Banks) is set to experience in his time with the Banks Family, including shots of the actor going through traumatic experiences as he reverts back to his former ways.

Throughout the video, Ali, who previously played Ashley on the original Fresh Prince, speaks with Akira Akbar, who currently plays Ashley, in the reimagined version in her brief appearances. She tells her, “never let anyone try to change you.”

Elsewhere in the video, the family can be seen unraveling at the seams, with Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) and (Aunt Liv) Cassandra Freeman going through a rift in their relationship. Karrueche Tran also makes a cameo in the sneak peek, giving Hillary (played by Coco Jones) a difficult time with her influencer career.

Carla Banks Waddles, the show’s showrunner, executive producer, and writer, spoke about the upcoming season and what fans can expect from the cameo appearances and blossoming storylines.

“In season two, the show will continue to find ways to push the envelope and feel refreshing and unique while also honoring the heart of the legacy series. Last season was very much about the introduction to the Banks family world, and this season we get to go deeper with some of the themes we touched on— What it truly means to be a family even when it’s challenging.

“How do you rebuild trust within a family? How do you find your own way, your individualism within a family? We’ll also explore Will’s character beyond feeling like a fish-out-of-water. He’s now struggling to find a balance of maintaining his independence and his West Philly identity while also being open to new opportunities for himself in Bel-Air. Viv and Phil are also trying to find a balance as they parent teenagers who think they have all the answers — Allowing Will and their children the freedom to make their own decisions, while also guiding with a gentle, and sometimes firm hand.”

Fans of the show can expect to see the new season on Feb. 23, 2023

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