Taraji P. Henson Shuts Down Homophobic 'Empire' Critics: 'I'll Send You Cookies'

taraji p henson golden globes

Taraji P. Henson has a Golden Globe-sized message to all of the homophobic ‘Empire’ haters out there.

“We ignore that. That’s nonsense and that’s fear, so we understand where that’s coming from, so there’s nothing to comment on that. The numbers speak for themselves,” said Taraji.

“People are dealing with this, it’s not a joke, that’s why it’s in the script. It’s not for show, it’s not for sensationalism. It’s because people are struggling with this. And that’s why we shed light on it. You can’t make everybody happy, we don’t try to. We just try to touch and affect lives and I think we have. We’re always going to have haters, so here’s to all my haters! I’ll send you cookies, thanks.”

Later in the night, People spoke with Taraji at the 17th Annual InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globe After-Party at the Oasis Courtyard about her Golden Globe win.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “I always ask God to please let me cross cultures and color. I never wanted to be known as an African-American actress or an American actress, so when you say Hollywood Foreign Press, to me that means my talent, my gift, my craft has reached beyond the borders of where I was born, and that means more to me than any trophy, but I love the trophy. But that’s what it represents.”

As for how she planned to celebrate her victory, Taraji said she was hitting the dance floor for some “trap music.”

“Shh! Ratchetness,” she said, laughing.

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