Tameka Raymond Posts Pictures of Usher Raymond V Recovering, Says Another Custody Hearing Set for This Month [Photos]


Tameka posted the above picture to Instagram with the caption: ‘Woke up cheerful, happy and hungry. Watching Fresh Prince… What does he know about the Fresh Prince? Intense face. Lol’

Tameka Raymond let us know that her son Usher Raymond V is making great progress recovering from the swimming pool accident that landed him in the hospital earlier this week.


‘Don’t ask me about the box cut on @rg2point0 w/his hyper brother. #KidNPlay #OldSchool #Family #Myhearts’ via Tameka’s Instagram

She also says that her battle for custody isn’t over. After losing the emergency custody hearing earlier this week, she says that another court date is set for August 27th and that there’s a lot more to be revealed. She spoke to HLN’s Ryan Smith, saying:

“I just want to get back to where my son is. I’ll be back in court on the 27th. And we’ll revisit all of this. It was only a very small amount of evidence that was allowed because this was an emergency and we were trying to get something changed immediately. But for the long term, I’ll see on the 27th.”

Usher and Tameka have been battling over custody since before the swimming pool accident. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

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