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Tamar Braxton Is Seen With Jeremy Robinson Days After Tommie [Video]

Tamar Braxton was spotted at an NFL game with her ex-fiancé Jeremy Robinson days after Robinson attended an NBA game with Tommie Lee.

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Is Tamar Braxton giving her relationship with Jeremy Robinson another try? The singer and reality TV star sparked reconciliation rumors when she was seen hanging out at an NFL game with her ex-fiance on Sunday, November 26.

The exes seemed to be in good spirits as they attended the Atlanta Falcons’ game against the New Orleans Saints. Obtained by The Shade Room, livestream videos saw the two laughing together while standing on the sidelines of the football field.

One of the clips saw Jeremy expressing his support for Saints, encouraging the team to “bounce back.” Meanwhile, the other video saw the twosome packing on PDA with the “Braxton Family Values” alum caressing his beard.

Upon watching the videos, fans quickly shared their opinion. Some of them were surprised to see them together since Jeremy attended an Atlanta Hawks basketball game with Tommie Lee just a week ago. “He was just with tommie last week,” a fan pointed out. Similarly, someone said, “Ain’t no way in hell I’ll be seen anywhere with him after he was just with ole girl.”

“Baby the world would never see me in public with him again after he pulled that Tommie move,” another user wrote. “Not after he was just hanging with the girl Tamar was beefing with after they broke up.. Absolutely not.. we couldn’t even be friends..,” one added.

Jeremy announced his split from Tamar in an Instagram post in October. . “So many questions. So many assumptions. I want to answer all that I can with respect. Yes. Tamar and I are no longer together,” he declared on Instagram Story. “I ended the relationship to focus on getting back to positive energy & being a better person.”

JR later stressed that he didn’t cheat on Tamar, saying. “What happened and why – that’s our private place. No, I never cheated. No, I wasn’t there when she was at her mothers place when her car was burglarized. No, I never cared about fame. Who reveals their most embarrassing moments in their life to find fame.”

In her response, Tamar admitted in a video that she was “hurt” and “surprised” by the end of their engagement. The “Who Can I Run To?” singer said, “I’ve been doing a lot to work on my mental health and change who I used to be into who I am now. And I can’t help if people fall into that perception, because it’s easy.”

The 46-year-old continued, “But I won’t let anybody hold me captive to my past and things I’ve overcome. Today, I am mentally healthy and I’m happy. I’m hurt, but such is life. I’m surprised, but okay.”

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