Tamar Braxton Attacks Melissa Schuman in Defense of Vince Herbert: 'He's Not an Abuser...He Just Made Bad Choices'

Tamar Braxton took to Twitter to attack Melissa Schuman after the singer came forward with her own abuse allegations against Vince Herbert.

In case you missed it, Melissa has accused Vince of abusing her back when she was a member of the girl group Dream. You can read more of that here.

According to Tamar, what Melissa considers abuse was just ‘artist development.’ In a fiery rant, Tamar insists that what Melissa experienced wasn’t any different from what any artist had to go through .

Peep what she had to say below:

Okay, but what about all the stories Ms. Evelyn Braxton told the world about the ‘years of abuse’ SHE witnessed from Vince? Is Tamar calling her own mother a liar?

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