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T-Pain Involved In Hit & Run, Warns Culprit ‘Life’s About To Get So Much Worse’

T-Pain vowed vengeance on the individual who rear-ended him and his family on Sunday evening (April 21) in Atlanta.

via: HipHopDX

Taking to Instagram on Sunday (April 21), T-Pain shared video evidence of the aftermath of the wreck, explaining that the careless driver smashed up his ride about a mile away from his home, and that the accident happened as he was leaving the airport.

“Times is hard out here, man,” he said, laughing. “Whoever just fuckin’ ran into the back of my goddamn truck, man, whoever just hit me, my wife, my road manager… whoever just did that shit and drove off? My n-gga. Life’s about to get so much worse.”

He continued: “First of all, n-gga: you left the whole goddamn front of your truck, so we know what we’re looking for now. You left your fuckin’ baby toy. So, we know you got kids.

“Look, I know times is hard. And I know things is rough out there. But I tell you what: shit is going too great for me to not make me want revenge right now.”

Check out the full video below.

The comments on the post revealed that T-Pain was taking the crash somewhat in stride as he joked: “Ppl that are saying my neck and back gonna hurt tomorrow are really underestimating how much my neck and back was already hurting from just being old [laughing face emoji].”

He added: “Also we’re in Atlanta a mile away from making it home from the airport. It was a ~2003-2007 silver Chevy SUV that probably looks like they hit something super hard and missing the grill.”

The singer also received messages of support from some of his peers, with comedian Affion Crockett writing: “Glad you’re good bro” and Timbaland leaving praying hands emojis.

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