Did Swizz Beatz Get Busted for Trying to Hook Up With a Fitness Model on Instagram? [Photos] | lovebscott.com

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We’re happy to say that for once Instagram is being used to help keep a marriage together as opposed to destroying one.

Swizz Beatz learned a lesson many of us deal with daily when it comes to social media and Instagram — be careful what messages you’re sending & what you’re ‘liking’, because you never know who’s watching!

Swizz had to defend himself by posting an IG conversation  from a direct message with personal trainer Lita Lewis.

Fans thought the music producer was stepping out on his wife Alicia Keys when they saw him liking a few of Lewis’ Instagram photos and asking her to “check her DMs.”

But Swizz shut it all down by posting the actual direct messages he shared with the fitness guru.


See, nothing wrong here, just a man helping his wife get fit.


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