Super Racist Dr. Seuss Drawing Expected to Sell for $20,000 at Auction


Did you know the famed Dr. Seuss dabbled in racist caricatures before becoming the colorful children’s author & cartoonist most of us know and love?

If you didn’t, you do now.

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One of his early cartoon works from 1929 is included in an upcoming auction at Nate D. Sanders, and it’s about as racist as racist drawings can get.

via Complex:

The cartoon was drawn for Judge magazine and it features a White man walking into a room full of Black men with a sign on the wall that reads “Take Home a High-Grade Nigger For Your Woodpile, Satifaction Guaranteed.” The Black men are all stereotypically drawn with really dark skin and big red lips, so the text on the sign is just a cherry on top of an already racist image.

The cartoon is expected to fetch around $20,000. We’re glad he had a change of heart (allegedly), because we like our Dr. Seuss drawing The Grinch, and Whoville — not N-words.

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